Rights Respecting School

 We are a Rights Aware School

We received our Bronze Award (Recognition of commitment) in October 2015 and  our Silver Award in July 2018. We are now working towards the Gold Award.

We have made a commitment to teach our children and the wider school community about the rights of the child. As duty bearers, the adults within the school community have a responsibility to ensure the children’s rights are met. There are three levels to the children’s understanding that we will guide them through.

Teaching and Learning about Rights

(Knowing you have rights and what they are)

Teaching and Learning through Rights

(Respecting others rights, being a good role model, showing respect and dignity)

Teaching and Learning for Rights

(Helping other to learn about their rights, having a global outlook and being a truly global citizen)

At Lillian de Lissa nursery School we have a rights respecting culture where the children begin to learn the benefits of playing, learning and living together in a diverse society. We ensure that we:

  • Have a curriculum where children celebrate diversity and difference in their own communities and the wider society.
  • Respond consistently and confidently if ideological challenges to individual liberty, tolerance and mutual respect for different faiths occur.
  • Work together with parents and stakeholders to ensure we are part of the wider community and that our ethos permeates respectfully.

We welcome and celebrate everyone in our school community. We respect each others race, religion, gender identity, age, disabilities, sexual orientation and gender. There are no outsiders here.

The Birmingham Schools Pledge
Lillian de Lissa Nursery School is founded on the principles upholding the dignity and rights of the individual.
Respectful relationships are at the core of our school community, allowing everyone to respect and understand those they meet.
It is our aim that we all develop the skills needed to embrace the responsibilities of being an outstanding learner, an active citizen and make Birmingham a great place to grow up in.

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