Nursery School Admissions

Nursery School Admissions

Applying for Nursery School

If you would like a Nursery School place for your child, please bring your child’s birth certificate/passport and a proof of address for the parent/carer (recent utility bill or bank/building society statement). You can make an appointment by calling: 0121 675 3421. We will register your child and once a place becomes available, we will contact you either by letter or telephone.

The Local Authority funds a free part time place of 15 hours for every child from the beginning of the term following their third birthday. There are some full time places, but these will be offered subject to Local Authority criteria. You can find out whether you qualify from the Nursery office.

From September 2017 some working parents of 3 and 4 year olds may be entitled to 30 hours of free childcare, rather than the 15 hours. The 30 hours free childcare is only for 30 weeks of the school year, not 48 weeks. This is equivalent to school term times. You may be able to spread the free childcare out over further weeks, but this will mean that you will get fewer than 30 hours of free childcare each week. The link below gives more information about this service.
30 hours

Settling into School

New children are introduced to the nursery gradually. We admit a few children at a time during the first few weeks of the new school year so that we can spend time supporting children as they become familiar with our school. This also gives us the opportunity to get to know parents and carers.

Your child will be part of a small group of children who share a key member/members of staff who are responsible for the “family group”. It is important that you take your child to greet their member of staff, so we know who has arrived each morning.

Some young children find the move from home to school upsetting and, if so, parents are expected to stay with their child for the first session and maybe for longer if they are finding it difficult to settle.

Please be patient, as children take varying amounts of time to feel happy about being left. Please make arrangements to be available for approximately the first few days. We prefer parents to support their child’s first few days, but if this is not possible please arrange for a familiar adult to support your child on your behalf.

When the staff feel that your child can be left you may be asked to sit in our staff room for a short time. When you leave your child in school during the settling in period it is very important that you return at the specific time which is given.

All children attend for shorter hours for the first few days. Dinners are introduced when your child is settled and the length of the day is then gradually extended when the staff feel that your child is ready to stay for longer.

Please be guided by the staff’s experience, as it is very important that your child settles happily into school.




Equal Opportunities

The school has its own equal opportunities policy and the principles are incorporated into all aspects of our curriculum, staff training and school policies. We value all children equally and strive to create an open learning environment for all children, where they have the opportunity to share, explore and celebrate a rich variety of cultural diversity, free of prejudice and discrimination.

Nursery School (3 – 4 Year old)

Nursery Meals
  • £2.00 a day – Except for children entitled to a free school meal.

You will need to complete a form and produce the relevant documentation to check eligibility. (Forms available from reception.)

School Fund
  • £2 per week for full time children
  • £1 per week for part time children
Extended Nursery Week
  • £18 for a half day or £36 for a full day
  • £90 for two and a half days – if entitled to free school meals
  • £94 for two and a half days including two school meals
  • £96 for two and a half days including 3 dinners
  • £20 for Wednesday morning/afternoon including lunch –  £18 if entitled to free school meals

Nursery School (2 - 3 Year Old)

Nursery Meals

£2.00 per day – Children attending 2year old provision are not entitled to free school meals, this is a government decision. As a school we provide toast and fruit for the children throughout the day.

School Fund
  • £2 per week for full time children
  • £1 per week for part time children

Children who meet a certain criteria are eligible to 15 hours free – we allocate these hours on a two and a half day basis.

Families who do not meet the criteria can still access our nursery, the charges are as follows:

  • £94  for two and a half days including two lunches
  • £190 for a whole week including five lunches

Breakfast Club and After School Club

Breakfast Club – £4.00 from 7:45 till school time – Cereals, toast and a drink will be provided

After School Club – £4.00 until 3:30, £12.00 with tea until 5:30

Trips & Visits

We may ask for a small contribution towards the cost of trips and activities out of school. You will be informed of this when these occasions arise.

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