Monitoring & Assessing Children's Progress

monitoringStaff keep detailed records of every child’s progress, including photographs, which forms part of a pupil profile. The information that we build up on your child will be transferred to your child’s primary school when they leave the Nursery. The staff observe all children in school which will help them to plan activities to meet all children’s needs.

Learning Journals are kept for all children which contain photographs and examples of learning activities during the school year so that progression can be seen at the end of the year. You will be able to keep these journals when your child leaves the Nursery.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

socialdevSuccessful personal, social and emotional development is essential for very young children in all aspects of their lives and it underpins all other areas of learning.

We provide opportunities, support and experiences in school to enable children to: develop a positive sense of themselves, show respect for others, establish relationships with others and develop a positive attitude to learning.

This will involve:

  • Children feeling safe, secure and able to trust the adults who work with them
  • Children learning to respect themselves and others
  • Having a developing respect for their own cultures and beliefs and those of others
  • Understanding what is right, what is wrong and why.
  • Forming good relationships with children and adults
  • Managing their own personal needs and hygiene
  • Children becoming interested, excited and motivated in their learning
  • Being confident to try new activities, initiate ideas and use activities and resources independently
  • Having a developing awareness of their own needs and feelings and be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others

We positively encourage the following behaviour:

  • Children should be kind to each other and show a caring, sharing attitude.
  • Children should care for equipment and resources both inside and outside school and also for our outside environment e.g. our garden areas.
  • We encourage children to develop a sense of caring for themselves to ensure their own health and safety e.g. washing hands, and walking in school. We also hope that they will develop a sense of responsibility towards their own belongings and others.

We seek to encourage the children to develop self discipline. They are expected to care for and respect themselves and others. We do not have many school rules and most relate directly to safety. The school has a behaviour policy and you are welcome to look at it at any time.  Children are discouraged from behaving in an aggressive manner.

Parents are always told of serious incidents of concern, particularly where they involve other children, adults or property. Less serious matters are dealt with in the classroom by the staff. Any incidence of bullying will be treated seriously and dealt with appropriately. We follow Birmingham’s Framework for Intervention where, if behaviour is a concern, we look at aspects of the learning environment and structure of the day to see if we can make changes to support children’s positive behaviour.

We are always willing to discuss any concerns you may have with your child’s behaviour and we aim to work in partnership with you in your child’s best interests.

Parental Involvement

parentalinvolvmentParents are welcome in school and are encouraged to play an active part in their children’s learning. We hope to work in partnership with you for the benefit of your child.

There are many ways in which you can support us and your child’s education including: reading stories in school and at home, joining us on visits, participating in workshops, playing games in school, cooking, helping behind the scenes and supporting our fundraising events and many more. You may have an interest or skill you would like to share with us e.g. music and computers.

Most years we hold one or two fund raising events for charity or school funds and parents are asked to support them by involving friends, family and neighbours. All nursery children benefit from the money we raise for school. In the past we have bought a climbing frame, outside play equipment and computer resources.

Open Evenings, Afternoons and Workshops

morningaftnoonWe are pleased to talk to parents and carers at the beginning and end of each day but we also hold parent meetings in October and March and a session in the summer term to discuss children’s progress and future transition to Primary School.

During the school year there will be a variety of workshops and we hope you will be able to attend and work alongside your child e.g. clay work and cooking. Please let us know if there is a topic that you would like to know more about or if you have a particular skill or interest that you would like to share with us.

Playing Together & Hello Baby

Parents are welcome to attend the sessions with their babies and toddlers.

  • Playing Together
  • Hello Baby
  • Time for 2’s
  • Book Start

These groups take place at Lillian De Lissa and our Belgravia site.

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