Ideas for Playing and Learning at Home

Ideas for Playing and Learning at Home

At last we have the web site running properly again so I am going to start publishing a series of ideas and web links for you to look at and may be try at home with your children. Most of these activities will be on our Facebook page too and some also on Instagram.

Firstly, I want to say that this is a challenging and uncertain situation for us as grown ups so our children will be feeling it too. I know that a change in my weekly routine puts me off balance and I have to really concentrate to keep the week running smoothly, so for some children this will be a very upsetting and strange time.

Try and find something that your children are interested in. At school we believe that play is the best way for children to learn, so encourage them to play and investigate and explore what they like at home too.

I am going to put some links below to stories that I know they enjoy at school and then some exercise routines so you can all keep fit and healthy. The last link is for some sensory play which is designed for inclusive learning so is suitable for all children.

1. Two different versions of ‘We are going on a bear hunt’

2. An keep fit routine with Joe The Body Coach

3. A guide to sensory play

150 Sensory Learning Ideas

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