Big Paint

Big Paint

We have recently moved the art room around and made it into a painting studio where we have one large double sided easel, one small double sided easel and now the whole wall to paint on. This was done to encourage the children to make large marks with their hands and arms whilst they are painting in this open space.

Gross Motor muscles are the ones in the back, arms and upper body and legs that give you core strength. These need to be developed for children to be active, healthy and able to use their fine motor skills.

A few examples are: catching and throwing a ball, balancing, climbing, jumping on a trampoline and taking part in parachute exercises  Fine Motor skills give control to the hands, fingers, toes, wrists, lips and tongue carrying out tasks like writing, cutting, licking and kissing and doing up buttons.

IMG_1019 IMG_1024 IMG_1028  IMG_1033

One of our children spent time painting numbers, crouching for the water and paint and then reaching for the paper. She mentioned the number 5 but then continued in silence, concentrating hard to achieve what she wanted.

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