OFSTED  Visit Sept 2018

OFSTED Visit Sept 2018

This September we had a surprise official visit on behalf of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills. It was a one day inspection, was very thorough and kept us on our toes.
The inspector talked with the management team, and also parents, staff, children, governors and a representative from the Local Authority.
The outcome was extremely positive and we were really pleased that the report recognized the hard work and actions all of the staff team put in to make this school what it is.

About how we work:
“Children get off to a flying start because staff assess their individual needs accurately. This enables staff to tailor the environment and the activities on offer to meet each child’s needs. An excellent balance of simple, as well as highly stimulating, experiences excite and interest the children. This continuous provision enables children to be independent from the start. As a result, children make exceptional progress during their time in the nursery.”

and about our management team:
“Leadership is a key strength of the school. It is dynamic and has further strengthened since the last inspection. Leaders have an exceptionally well developed understanding of every aspect of school performance. You and the deputy headteachers are highly reflective and constantly seek ways to improve the learning experience for every child.”

For full details of visit click here.


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