Market Day – Art Imitating Life

Market Day – Art Imitating Life

In preparation for the afternoon visit to Birmingham Market, we created the whole trip through role-play and art.

We pretended to wait at the bus stop, as traffic whizzed by, then climbed aboard the no 45 for a rousing rendition of the ‘The wheels on the bus…’

We shopped for everything we would need for a birthday party at our own version of the market, which we had drawn with marker pens, chalk and crayons on the table tops. The children handed over pretend money and filled their pretend bags with pretend produce… then climbed back on to the bus for the return journey.

Back at nursery, the children decorated the venue, laid out a spread, lit the candles on the cake and hid themselves away to surprise Lorna with a party. Pretend gifts were exchanged, pretend cake devoured and we danced away to pretend music. Happy pretend birthday Lorna!

That afternoon we did it all for real! Bus stop – bus – market.

This time we returned with bags of pineapple, mango, avocado, papaya and an exotic dragon fruit all for taste testing on Monday.

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