Extending Learning

Extending Learning

In our school each child’s learning is supported and scaffolded based on their own interests. Throughout last week we talked about water and how this is part of our UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Focus – Every child has a right to clean water. This has made an impact on the children’s thinking and they have been playing, exploring and working with a wide range of water themes.

One challenge for the children was to make a swamp. They had a choice of all kinds of materials, sand, pebbles leaves etc and could decide what colour and depth of water and what lived in it. The lead practitioner, Mrs. Brown encouraged positional language, property descriptions and values such as weight, shape, colour and texture alongside creation of a story and stretching the children’s imaginations. The characteristics of effective early learning touched upon included: (and thoroughly enjoyed!!)

  • Planning and making decisions on on how to approach a task
  • Making predictions – showing a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Initiating activities – trying and testing new ideas
  • Engaging in open ended exploration – investigation
  • Showing high levels of fascination – awe and wonder

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